Palmyra Temple

Palmyra Temple

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hey Guys!

HEY GUYS! So here is to another week as a missionary! I can't believe how fast weeks go by! Days feel really slow. I feel like I just wrote you guys and then another week comes and goes! I love those pictures from Paul it is so true in some areas! This has been quite a life changing week. Here are the answers to your questions mom. :) 1. Elder Willis is a legend in the mission one because he has been in many leadership positions and so everyone knows him. I've been asking him a lot about how to be a successful missionary and he said that you need to follow the spirit and treat people like real people. Be and effective missionary He said go tracking with a purpose like "we are going to give away three book of Mormons today" instead of saying "I'm going to go tracting because I want to prove to the lord that I am tracting" same thing goes for service or anything else that we do. He knows how to make missionary work fun. The scripture that he always quotes is " are that they might have joy." And he is the Shiz. Haha 2. I'm learning how to be more patient. And how to just really go with the flow even more. I've learned from the ATML book that not all life is deep and meaningful and we don't need to intensify it in order to enjoy it Ya know? Elder Willis says I'm developing the attribute of missionary life. Exchanges/blitzing (both elders split but stay in the same area) so I went to the Lewiston Elder’s area and we found a girl named A she just invited us right in and wanted to learn more about us she has studied a lot of different religions so she wanted to know more about us. We taught her the restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon. We passed her on to the YSA elders, that same night Elder Fields and I had an appointment that fell through and so we were wondering what to do. We got down on our knees and prayed about what we should do, and where we should go. As we sat in silence we then both asked each other what we felt we should do. He felt prompted to bring the shovels and I felt prompted that we had to drive somewhere. Suddenly as we are driving I get this prompting that we need to go to a red house with 5 windows on the top and I'm like what? (but I didn't tell Elder Fields because I didn't want him to think I was crazy) so I proceed to direct him to this house that I have no idea where it is! Then all of the sudden we are stopped in front of this house that has five distinct windows at the top and is a deep red. It did not look like any other house anywhere. So we go and knock on the door twice and no one answers, so I wonder why we were brought there. We saw that all five of their cars were snowed in so we decided to shovel their drive way until we had frost bite! As we walked away we felt that we had done what the Lord wanted us to do even though we didn't talk to anyone. The Lewiston/Niagara falls Elders are going to go back next week. L family came to church and are working towards baptism but are trying to quit smoking and drinking. Volleyball has been a big success with getting some inactive youth fellowshipped with some friends in the Ward, and a feeling that they belong! Amy's flower shop was a bust for Valentine's Day because of the blizzard so we will see how we can continue to do service there and help her. The E continue to grow as a family and we are slowly seeing how the gospel is helping them progress together and towards the Savior. This Tuesday we have a mission wide iPad training with two general authorities but we don't know who! So we will see! :) We had a headquarters referral from to go see someone named A. So we went two weeks ago and his parents answer the door and seemed surprised that A referred himself and said that he was at a camp but would be back in two weeks! So we went  back on Friday and this A answered and was so excited that we came! He said are you the people from the LDS CHURCH?! He pulled us up a chair and we seriously had the best lesson ever! We taught him the Restoration, basically taught the Plan of Salvation, read the Book of Mormon with him and let him keep it, answered tons of his questions, and he prayed right there in front of us to know if it was true! It was crazy he was so thirsty for knowledge and answers and he just lit up with everything we said it was awesome. He said that he used to be catholic but two years ago he became atheist because he didn't like how churches lied and God let bad things happen. But that his twin brother thought that he should try and find God again, so he researched a ton and referred himself. He got grounded two weeks ago when his parents found out he referred himself (his parents weren't there when we taught him) but he just kept saying thank you! Thank you! Thank you for coming over! As he left he said "this is awesome" and then patted his heart with the Book of Mormon, I was like is this even real?! (This is why we come on missions!)  We are praying that we can go back but he is super busy and his parents would need to soften up a little. I want them to see us as a way to come to Christ, and not as a threat. We love everyone, and especially those who want to come closer to Christ. We drove all the way out to a town called Ransomville with the Lewiston Elders to go help Sister C and her husband (she has been a member 4 years and he is not a member) move there stuff into a storage unit! Service and teaching are my favorite parts of missionary work! Because if we think about the Savior's life he spent most of his time serving, and teaching the people. It was also -25 windchill that day so needless to say it was a very COLD move. But we had wings for lunch so it was all worth it for food:) (by the way I think I'm gaining weight so the world might be ending..???) We had two days that we could not go out unless we had an appointment but we had appointments those days so we braved the Polar ice! And those days our windshield wiper broke. Haha Love, Elder Crowley

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