Palmyra Temple

Palmyra Temple

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Visiting Bof M musical contacts

Tuesday we had a crazy rain storm come through, and Elder Durfee and I got caught right in it haha. We were walking (because I still didn't have a bike) to a library to request some of his information back that he lost with his wallet from his home state, when this wall of rain comes in (you could literally watch it come) haha. We were soaked to the bone and we could not find the library so we stopped inside a Tops (that's a store here) and we ran into a member of of the church who said "Elders!" I was so happy to meet someone who recognized who we were. He gave us a ride to the library which was such a blessing, even though we still had to walk home it was nice to know the lord was watching out for us! :) Later that day we met a ton of really solid people who were referrals from the Book of Mormon show! We were able to teach a couple people he restoration and then they wanted to learn more! All I have to say is bring out the font and let's come unto Christ! Wednesday we did our morning studies and our usual morning routine. I have loved reading about Alma and Amulek's missionary experiences because I think we can draw a lot of knowledge from their missions, hardships, and successes. At lunch we met the Spanish Elders and gave them a bunch of supplies. And that is when Elder Niel let me borrow his bike (what a blessing) so now that I had a bike we were able to bike all the way over to the Galleria mall which is out of our area, but we had permission to leave it because that is where J worked ( the one who is a Disney animator and wants to missionaries over) we got there and she wasn't working until the next night haha so we were a little disappointed that we biked all that way. But we met a guy named A who has been going to the Amherst ward and some one referred him to us, and he lived close to where we were! So it was meant for us to stop by, he was really friendly but said that we would have to come back next week. He does want to meet with us though which is promising. Thursday we had district meeting and my training was on developing teaching skills and how we can become master teachers. It was a really cool to see all of the other Elders contributing and learning from one another! We had an awesome lesson with a guy named M who wants to become a member! And he is really pumped for pageant and things because he has always wanted to go but never had the chance! So as you can see we are having miracles pop up all over but we might not see if the people are actually going to follow through until next week! Later that night we went back to the Galleria mall and met J! She was super happy to see us and gave us her contact information! She has a bunch of wood she needs to burn and just doesn't want to burn it all by herself so we are going to go over there and hopefully teach a lesson! But she agreed to come to district meeting and be a "practice investigator". Friday we rode around like crazies met a much of crazies too haha Saturday we had exchanges and Elder Reed came up to Eggert and Elder Durfee went to Buffalo Spanish with Elder Niel. Elder Reed and I got a ton done! And we were antied hardcore by this guy on the street, he was yelling, spitting, and everything. But we kept our cool and afterwards this guy sitting on his porch who had no teeth so his English was a little slurred. said "don't listen to him he's on crack". Lol It was a great exchange and Elder Reed was a lot happier after he left:) Church is true! Elder Crowley

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