Palmyra Temple

Palmyra Temple

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Well another week has gone by Crowleys! Happy ANNIVERSARY Mom& Dad! I'm so proud of you guys! What you have done to shape our family, and direct us all in such a positive and successful direction! You guys are celestial to me already and I hope that you guys will always remember Christ in your relationship because it is through him that things are made right and we can all grow, and love together :) I love you guys Elder Rushton is great! We have met lots of people in the Ward and he is already starting to pick up on the area of N.T./Grand island! We had a barfing episode on Saturday which I will explain later but other than that we are great! And working smart ;) (that's for you dad) Elder Mckade Rushton is from SLC (but really from coalville) and has been out for eight months! Our birthdays are 5 days apart:) He teaches differently than I do, so we are loving to learn how to teach together it's really interesting! (in a good way though) So its been a great transition week with Elder Rushton! The last P-day I had with Elder Willis was very typical and I just tried to use it as a last day to suck up all the memories from our transfer together! We finished packing him and he could not focus while packing, I think he was just in denial about what was happening! The next morning was transfer meeting and it started out with an eternal wave goodbye as my trainer, and first companion drove down Klaum Ave to go home having served an honorable full time mission. He made it two years! As he drove away I felt like I was starting my mission all over again. I have mixed feelings about him leaving, I felt like I had just been left in the dust, but I also feel like you can make every companion your favorite companion in some way! After they left Elder Rushton and I went back to his apartment in Kenmore which was only two miles away and moved his stuff over. We then cleaned his old apartment and went grocery shopping. We met some of the Ward members, I gave him the low down on the crazies, talked about our goals, we went to Northgate and he loved the old people! (He calls old people cute too haha I thought that was funny) and finally we ended the night in some intense V-ball. While playing V-ball we (the leaders, us, and people not in the tournament) were so determined to win we kept changing "win without Willis! win without Willis!" Haha we one both games:) It got intense haha On Wednesday My morning studies consisted of learning more about the three Nephites I thought it was interesting to learn that if we ask for a righteous desire God will grant it unto us. I have been praying for God to send messengers to give me strength and direction during the day, and I never seem to notice them but at the end of everyday I pray to my Heavenly Father and he reminds me of the people that he sent that day. I love prayer and the fact that we can speak with our Heavenly Father! I also love what prophets have told us before "we must learn to talk with God" We will never know how God works, or talks with us if we are never willing to talk or work with him. It was a pretty typical day and ended with us having dinner at the E. We had our lesson on gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and everyone was giving major attitude. Reading Jesus the Christ helped me feel morecalm and understanding of their position. Thursday was super warm and so was Friday! (Like 48 degrees haha I'm going to die when summer comes) my studies today were based in 1 Nephi 10 and finding evidence in the Book of Mormon of prophets prophesying Christ's life, and works. Specifically John the Baptist! We helped brother G move some of his stuff into a storage unit. He is so funny he talks really slow, has this crazy white beard, a high pitched laugh, and he is super short. First thing he says to us when we get there is "I though you were going to bring your grungies" haha while we were eating lunch with him he counseled us about our retirements. He said when we are planning for retirement that we should put 10% away because that is the most successful route (he read a book on it haha) I got a migraine and took some medicine, why do our bodies have to be such a pain sometimes? But we taught S that day! She read and prayed everyday, and I can truly see a change coming over her! We have our Stop smoking lesson with her J, the family, and some people in the Ward tonight! We are praying that we will be able to teach it well and that the spirit will help them overcome this problem:) We put a sticky note on our 'miracle wall' that day saying " today brother G gave us a ton of toilet paper!" Haha Friday we had lots of planning to do! At lunch Elder Rushton set a lighter that he was playing with on top of the stove and it blew up! As I'm talking to Elder Fields on the the phone I see our cabinet catching on fire! So I run and starting beating at the flames with my hand (they weren't that big yet) it was seriously hilarious, probably looked like a frantic housewife as Elder Rushton came booking it out of the bathroom! We got it out and everything was fine! We went to visit Northgate and the Activity leaders weren't there so we just walked around and talked to some of the residents! We talked with an older man named P who is a tough OL' man who served in WWII and had many different jobs in his life including putting light bulbs in for the old marquis! He told many WWII stories, his advice was hard to understand because he is 95 but long story short he didn't like to pray and said he wouldn't but I know that he will have a chance to be taught about Christ and the plan soon:) Our Grand island day was a bust because Elder Ruston and I got the stomach flu and were awake all night. We spent all day inside! I felt the aches, but I didn't have a fever. The Lewiston Elders came and gave us a blessing and I told Heavenly Father I had enough faith that he would help me not to throw up and guess what? I didn't! Doesn't mean I felt better right away but I did not throw up! Sunday M (the convert who lives upstairs) got the priesthood, and his temple recommend, the L came to church, and we had a missionary moment in primary:) during sacrament S leaned over to me and said "I want you to baptize me and my daughter on the 29th" half of me was so excited, and half of me was super nervous. Brother S (served in the temple presidency, taught Latin to high schoolers, and is super friendly) taught an amazing Latin lesson in Elders about the word Redeemer! Re(retro)=bring back/restore, dee=buy. It was very cool:) Love you guys so much! Elder Crowley

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