Palmyra Temple

Palmyra Temple

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Highs and Lows

Hey GUYS! 1. I am doing pretty good I am anxious to find more people to teach! we have a couple of people that are potential investigators that I believe could become regular investigators! And yes dad we are going a visiting all the less actives in the ward but it is such a long process to get a hold of people and then to finally meet with them! I feel like by the time you have met with everyone in the ward it would be a year! We figured out that if everyone came to church in the ward then our ward would split! Haha I texted a guy to invite him to church and all he sent back was "too boring" lol 2. We did go visit C when I was with Elder Willis! He basically opened the door and almost shut it on us, he was the grumpiest old man! Until I finally said I know your Grandsons! (I think he thought we were secret service or something) Haha he lightened up a little but he was on the phone, and just kind of waved us away. It was basically a bust when we asked him if he needed any help! Haha oh well it was great! Wow what a week it has been! I can't believe how much has happened! Lots of different highs and lows this week. It has been a great growing week for us as missionaries, the community, and our investigators as it always is. I love the way that the lord works with us and through us as we keep the spirit with us! Monday was great because it was your anniversary Mom & Dad and I thought a lot about all you guys that day!:) We had a pretty boring P-day because we did hardly anything except play munchkin with Elder Fields, and we were preparing for our stop smoking lesson! But we ran into this lady at the laundry mat who was interested in the church and what we do as missionaries! I thought that was interesting because I believe the Lord places people in our path when it is least convenient just when we could say "oh we are on our way out and it's my P-day so sorry can't talk." The Lord wants to see where your heart truly is. Monday was also great because we were able to successfully deliver the stop smoking lesson! The spirit was so strong and we had a great support group, M, the F(newly wed couple), F and K, the Lewiston Elders, and their kids. They committed to all of the 15 steps and we're super excited, and nervous to make this big change. It rained that night and the spirit is always strong when it rains! :) Tuesday we got Chet done! As Elder Willis would say! (Chet was one of his companions dad's name, he thought it was hilarious haha you can replace it for any word in the dictionary ex. I'm hungry for some Chet) it was St. Patrick's Day but it didn't even really feel like St. Patrick's Day because we were so busy you know doing missionary work! We met with J (the minister from before) about some ideas for his congregation and our ward doing a combined service project. He loves to talk about the Lords work and we wanted to be that bridge for bishop. We went finding in Grand Island, and had dinner with M, Internet proselyted, made calls and bonded with the E kids. S texted us in the morning saying it was set in stone, J her and J would all be getting baptized on the 29th. I was so happy I cried a little! I am going to baptize both J and S and J brother in law will baptize him! YAY so EXCITING! We still have to get a lot done before then but we are pretty sure it's all going to work out! ANYWAY! Wednesday was spicy! We had dinner with the F and C made some amazing Filipino food (because she's from there) except both M and I ate the habanero peppers and we didn't know you were supposed to, oh my gosh we almost died we were sweating and our eyes were watering! Haha I think my throat swelled up too. But we had jackfruit and fresh mangoes Mmmmm so good! Then we ran to our lesson with S, J, and J. On Thursday We cleared our old iPads, and M helped us put our pictures onto a flash drive! We helped J with his car by painfully screwing the fan that cools off the radiator back on. Then we had a great lesson with S and J over lunch about the plan of salvation! I think that lesson went much better, and the spirit was felt. Then we rushed to meet the other Elders and the M (the technology senior couple) for our new iPad set up! We we got our new iPads with a really nice protective case to go with it! What a blessing it is and I am grateful that the Lord can trust us to further his kingdom with technology and righteousness. I love the Lord and I hope that he can use me as an effective tool in the vineyard and not as the dung that fertilizes the soil hahaha! In our new training I've learned a lot about how to be in tune with spiritual promptings regarding technology, how to be focused on the mission and purpose, and how to be one with my companion while using technology instead of working separately. Just like instruments given to the Lord's servants in times of old iPads are and other devices did not come forth the benefit business, but the Lords work! A texted us! The young man who we met before and had an amazing lesson with. He finally got a phone and started asking me tons of questions about the degrees of glory, and then later he called me about John 10:16 and I compared it to 3Nephi 15:21 (other sheep I have which are not of this fold) it was amazing how the spirit helped me recall that scripture while I was on the phone with him!... We had an awesome lesson with the F family, they live in a house that was built in 1890 right on the canal but it is all decorated new and hipster like inside I love it! We taught them how they can share the love of the gospel with their friends! Saturday is a special day it's the day we do lots of service! (Isn't that how the song goes? Haha) We helped this less active move on Grand Island that day. We also did service at the library which we will continue next week! So Sunday was filled with great things! As you know already I've kind of talked about how the day went with the L but there were lots of moments of bearing testimony and really supportive relief society moments that were experienced yesterday! K in gospel principles started laughing about this typo in the manuscript that said "do do" and she was laughing so hard that S started laughing then everyone in the room started laughing then Elder Rushton was laughing and I was crying because K was laughing so hard! Anyway that was the gist of our missionary week! I can't wait to see what is in store for us next! Today for P-day we are going to visit the Riviera theatre here in N.T it is from the 1800s and is supposedly haunted! Love, Elder Crowley

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