Palmyra Temple

Palmyra Temple

Thursday, May 21, 2015

We be skypin yo

Hello hello again! Yesterday it was so good to talk to you guys:) and like I said just think next time that we skype it will pretty much have been a year :)
I can't remember all we did Monday so.. Tuesday! Haha Tuesday was just kind of regular day but it was been one of my favorite days because pretty much everything we did went well. We had to cut our morning studies early because we scheduled our service at the Riviera Theatre earlier. We helped N. gate with their cinco de mayo party, it was fun making tacos with them. A was not having a good day she said "oh good thing you guys are here, Get me OUT of HERE! Go call he police and we can run away!" Poor girl :( Later we visited one of our potentials whose house almost burnt down! In my studies on Wednesday I learned about how when Jesus was sleeping on the boat in the storm it was a sign that he was in a good healthy condition to be able to sleep through something like that. "He lived according to the laws of health, yet never allowed the body to rule the spirit; and His daily activities, which were of a kind to make heavy demands on both physical and mental energy, were met with no symptoms of nervous collapse nor of functional disturbance." -James E. Talmage. We must realize that we are human and must follow Christ's example even in temporal affairs. We had district meeting in the bed of our truck outside while E. fields gave a training, it was time for something different. Thursday we mowed A 93-year-old lady's lawn. Her son called and asked us to, even though it was out of our area. We realized that after we had committed to do it, but it was only 2 miles out so we figured what the heck! We got there and her whole lawn was covered in weeds! And all she had was an old-fashioned push mower Haha it was fun though:) Friday we helped J with his car and changed the oil. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn new things and him helping us develops talents. We had a great lesson with J that night on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was good chance to teach someone according to their needs again. Saturday we helped the GI (Grand Island) Rotary club with their adopt a highway clean up. We caught a snake! And E. Rushton resolved hat he would "never litter again." Haha our outdoor work was not done for that day because we went to the H and helped them clean up their flower gardens around the house! It was 90 degrees plus humidity! They have this old piano from the 1800s from London that I am determined to buy one day! Haha we told them that we would meet them at the Olympia (the Greek restaurant) Sunday HAPPY MOMMYS DAY! You guys know everything that happened that day :) Love YOUS, (everyone in New York says "Yous guys" haha) Elder Crowley

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