Palmyra Temple

Palmyra Temple

Monday, August 3, 2015

I got a good one

Hello my name is Elder 'Crowley' and I would like to share with you the most amazing Book,(First line of the Book of Mormon musical) First of all after a successful delivery and much labor, "my first born in the wilderness" was born! My trainee is named Elder Bridger Page, he is from Gilbert AZ! Elder Page loves to golf, read, have fun, snowboard when he can, travel, and he is super smart. He is the absolute BEST new companion I could ask for. He has a great excitement, and desire to be out here. We hit it off great starting from transfer meeting, and I already warned him that I was crazy!
Yes Senior couples can have a HUGE effect on a ward! The M (Senior couple in the NF ward) have helped the L with temple names, and bought them a fridge. They take the missionaries to places they can't get too, he help locate less actives, and are just such a big asset to the ward. It just comes down to getting creative, magnifying your calling, developing relationships, keeping busy, and not getting discouraged! Sometimes senior couples can do more than young missionaries! I've seen it done, and continuing:) So I'm going to write some details from the week but I want to focus on helping Elder Page have fun on his first P-day, so It might not be as long. So yes Tuesday it was pouring rain and we packed Elder Durfee and then met at the Amherst building. I helped Elder Hawes pack everyone's stuff into the Zone leaders truck and Kenmore's van so we could take it to transfer meeting. I drove the Van out to Pittsford and the Zone leaders drove the truck. I love that drive, it's so green and hilly. Transfer meeting was great but really long, After it was announced who I was training we hugged it out, and then sat down for the rest of transfer meeting. After transfer meeting we went to get garbage plates (it's a Rochester thing) and I was trying to make Elder Page feel like this would be the best time of his life, introducing him to everyone and then on the way home we had a long drive to talk about some aspects of the work. What he's excited or nervous about. It was just really awesome:) Wednesday we had a great morning program and study session, boy he was tired though! Haha I don't blame him. That morning we started the 12 week program (which is the training program for new missionaries, I love it) and we role played. I took the role of Mrs. G. We practiced teaching her how to pray and teaching for understanding. He was dying laughing! haha he kept saying "wow you're an amazing actor" haha he's so nice. Then we went with our district shopping and Elder Page and I decided we were going to buy to get good at cooking! Sick! After that we made a TON of calls and went to go visit people. It was awesome to watch Elder Page's reaction to things as we were biking through the ghetto. We were able to give out three Book of Mormons that afternoon. And Sister M took us out for New Fuji. Thursday we had 12 week meeting with president and the APs and our trainees. Elder Cashmore who was the previous AP just opened up Niagara Falls as its own area with a new trainee. But at the 12 week meeting President really talked us up as trainers, he said that he and the APs prayed about the people that were going to train for six weeks; and they picked people they would want to train them. Yikes! So I hope I can live up to everything Elder Page needs to be a successful missionary! Haha After the meeting we came home and made Chicken salad sandwich yum! We then had district meeting and, ward correlation meeting. I think something stood out to me that day would be that when teaching someone we need to help the person have spiritual experiences themselves, and making them feel like they came up with the idea. After he meeting M M called us and flat out dropped us. Haha not fun, but hey that's missionary work. Friday We still did get to go to Pageant because Elder page had to go for himself. And it was just as incredible as any other time:) my favorite part is when the Savior comes after the Nephites destruction and you just hear this powerful, piercing, but ever so soft..."Behold.....I am Jesus Christ." The spirit is so strong. Well Saturday morning Elder Page and I were able to sleep in (I didn't know you were supposed to get 8 hours of sleep, I've always got up early if we had to stay up late for something like the Book of Mormon play, or a blessing haha) and then went out to our appointment with C. Elder Page committed her to baptism:). Not too sure how it will work out We then were able to talk to this awesome Muslim man named S, and give him a Book of Mormon. He read it the whole bus ride home! Awesome. That night for dinner we made a big chicken taco dinner, we are so Pro! Haha not really but we are working on it.
Sunday Ward council was interesting. And It was Elder Page's first time in Elders quorum, gospel doctrine, or a ward council. At Church I have been trying really hard to build relationships in the ward so we gave a bunch of thank you cards away for various things that people in the ward do. And now we have 4 dinner appointments Lol my idea for this next week is to knock on a members door and say "we are going to be working in your area today and then at the end of the day we will come back and just briefly describe some of our experiences." Hopefully that will help them taste the work and get them excited about things going on in their neighborhoods with THEIR neighbors! So I basically love Elder Page he is a blessing from Heavenly Father, and I feel like I'm training a version of Ethan. Even though these first few days haven't gone as planned with our investigators being flakey, I am going to show Elder Page that being a missionary is fun, we need to have a purpose, and to "love the lord and serve him the very best you can." Love you guys! Elder Crowley

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