Palmyra Temple

Palmyra Temple

Monday, August 3, 2015

The whip

Hey Yous! So I am just not really that motivated to write this week even though it has been an awesome week! Haha I'm not really sure if that makes sense! The mission is starting to feel a little faster, President refers to it as a roll of toilet paper haha it gets faster the more it goes along, until one day it just roles off the cardboard.
So last Monday we had a pretty fun P-day at the Amherst building, we played V-ball basketball and ran around like crazies haha. Tuesday we were finding a lot, and went downtown to meet with B(owner of Shea's theatre), so Elder Page and I sat on a bench and handed out two Book of Mormons and talked to three less actives number just sitting on a BENCH! B got stuck in a meeting so we went to our next appointment, with T and had a new member lesson with him.:) We had an awesome lesson! We went more in depth with the Restoration, and talked about doing baptisms in the temple; which he was able to do on Thursday! Yay! While we were in our lesson we got a text from B saying that his meeting got out earlier and he wanted to meet! But it was too LATE! So that was frustrating. Wednesday morning we contacted a bunch of people and it was a struggle because hardly anybody was home but we had more success in the afternoon! We found a former investigator named B who could be awesome! We have an appointment with him tomorrow:) the only thing that would be hard for him is that he doesn't like going downtown, so church attendance would be a little hard. But we also planted a few Book of Mormons So I was happy about that:) I just want Elder Page to have some good teaching opportunities so he can get really involved and swallowed up in the work! We have so much fun together with all our inside jokes and weird things we do haha. We are going to start writing a book called "your apartment is a gym." Lol not really that funny, but it is to us! Lol But anyway later that night we had a lesson with one of our less actives M K. I had a really precious moment with one of the three year olds. He came over and sat right next to me, I played some bible videos for him and he said "I love Jesus" and he was like looking up at me asking questions it was so cute. Haha Thursday we had District meeting and ward correlation. I trained on using time wisely, and we set district goals. President Francis called and said that he and his wife would like to come to our District meeting this week. So President will be there this Thursday! Fun fun! We went to Duffs ( the big Wing place out here) and it was so good! Except I spilled sauce on my shirt haha. That night we went with the Kenmore Elders to the New Age bible study. And it was a really great chance to talk about some of our similarities and how awesome the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. Friday we did our studies; then went to help a family move out of the ward. We called it "Elder Page's training wheel move" haha then we then went to do service at an food bank downtown, it was cool because the food bank used to be an old mansion from the early 1900's. It wasn't too bad except for they had these rotten, and juicy potatoes that were donated that we had to move and it was just nasty! After that we changed into our proselyting clothes and met K H (the less active that we met on the bus) for a lesson. We talked about the importance of the temple and we challenged him to read the Book of Mormon (he reads everyday) with the focus of, figuring out what the difference between peoples attitude towards the gospel was. As he continues to come to church and get back on the path that he knows he wants to be on, I know that K will be a lot happier and taste of the joy that accompanies living the gospel! That night we had a great dinner with the C. They were so nice, and they really were some uplifting members to be around. They are the type of people who just make you feel awesome when your around them. Then to finish off the night we conducted exchanges with he Buffalo Spanish Elders. I went with Elder Reed downtown and Elder Neil came to Eggert with Elder Page. Elder Page was like " I don't even know the area! Haha" and I told him that "I had Faith" haha :) Saturday was an awesome day I really tried to focus on helping Spanish find some new people to teach, so we went ham on their area! (We planted 5 Book of Mormons in an hour and a half!) So long story short Elder Page has been talking about this dance called "The Whip" And for some reason we have been hearing the song that does the whip everywhere! (Cars stopped at a light, McDonald's Wifi grabs..etc). So I said "I have to learn the Whip" So Elder page kind of just explained it a little. And it came in handy while on Exchanges. While Elder Reed and I were walking by this house, their was a family sitting on the porch and enjoying one another's company. As we were walking past we just waved hello and kept on walking but I felt like I should go back and ask them how to do the whip. So we walked back and I told them who we were, and said that we just wanted to see what this whole whip hype was all about. Suddenly one of the girls goes and backs her car into the driveway and says " get me my phone!... there is no way you guys don't know how to do the whip you are playing with us." So she plugs her phone in and then just describes it to us (without showing us how to do it) and then told us to do the whip. Haha In my head I was like "Oh boy we can't not do the whip now". So Elder Reed and I broke it down and did the whip, and everyone starts screaming and hooting lol it was SO funny. I'm pretty sure one of the kids recorded it so if that video pops up watch out haha. But after they had a few laughs we taught a restoration lesson gave away the rest of our Book of Mormons and got all their information. And Buffalo Spanish has a return appointment with them tonight! Crazy haha Sunday we sang 'I need thee every hour' in Sacrament meeting, and were just really busy haha We got invited to B B-day party but it was at this really expensive restaurant and it was on Sunday obviously so we didn't go... But hopefully we can meet soon! "Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God." -Ether 12:4 Love, Elder Crowley

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